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The Essex Islamic Academy (Registered Charity Number: 1131755) is a non-profitable charity organization based in East London (Barking). Our organisation has been established just over ten years, working for the local community who live and work in London and the surrounding areas. We provide social and cultural services in order to preserve the community identity and to create social and cultural awareness amongst the Muslims and wider society.

Our Vision
To be an exemplary muslim community organisation in East London in providing Islamic guidance and services to the community.

Our Mission

To serve the spiritual, religious and communal needs of East London area Muslims by means of nurturing their faith, upholding their values, and fostering the well-being of the community through worship, charity, education, outreach, and civic engagement.

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Our Board of Trustees

It shall be the duty of a trustee or trustees of a registered mosque to maintain in the mosque such number of tills, and in such manner, as the board may direct for the reception of contributions in money made by worshippers and others who desire to make a contribution to that mosque.

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