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 Islamic education is the cornerstone of being a good Muslim and citizen. Essex Islamic Academy is dedicated to this cause and offers education classes for children and adults. The Mosque caters for both boys and girls (girls form 4 ˝ year and boys from the age of 5).

Students follow a structured syllabus throughout their time at the Maktab/Madressa and progress is assessed annually through oral and written examinations, as well as assessments during the year. The following disciplines are studied within the Maktab/Madressa:

Arabic (Recitation of the Holy Qur’aan)

Starting off with Ahsanul Qawaid (an introduction to the Arabic alphabet) and progressing during their time at the Maktab/Madressa to the recitation of the Holy Qur’aan. As the student progresses, additional emphasis is placed on ‘Tajweed’, the correct pronunciation of the Holy Qur’aan in Arabic.


Students are encouraged to memorize Kalimas, daily supplications and Surahs from the 30th Juzz. Students start with basic Kalimas, moving on to daily Masnoon Duas whilst also memorizing certain Surahs. As the student progresses through Maktab/Madressa the English meaning and understanding of what is being memorized is given more importance. More able students are also encouraged to memorize additional Surahs from the Holy Qur’aan e.g Surah Yasin, Surah Waaqiah.


The aim of this subject is to provide a structured teaching of important Islamic subjects. The majority of the books are in English and get progressively more detailed as the student progresses through the Maktab/Madressa. The subjects covered are:

  • Fiqh
  • Aqaid
  • Akhlaq
  • Tareekh – Islamic History


From Beginners to Advanced Madrassa Classes 7 days a week

Weekday Madrassa Classes,

Age Brackets:  5 to 14 Years, Boys and Girls


Monday to Fridays:
5:00PM – 7:00PM


£40.00 per child

Please ensure that you complete the attached booking form and send to:


Weekend & weekday Madrassa Classes for all ages,


Weekend Madrasah

Age: 5-13

Boys and girls,

Weekend: 10.00AM to – 12.30PM


14+ Girls class

Saturday only

10.00AM to – 12.30PM


14+ Boys class

Thursday and Friday

5:00PM – 7:00PM


Male Tajweed Class

Saturday (New dates coming soon)


Female Tajweed Class

Friday (New dates coming soon)


To register complete the online form:


For more details contact Madrasatul Hikmah on 07942 675632 or

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