Thank You For Your
Desire To Give!

First and foremost, we are most grateful to Allah, the Magnificent and All-Powerful, and secondly to all of our Brothers and Sisters who have contributed generously and worked diligently in building your local Mosque.

Essex Islamic Academy will try its best to continue offering services and programs free of charge with the help of donations from our respected Brothers and Sisters thus, benefiting the community at large  In-Shaa Allah. As such, we are strongly appealing to all Muslims locally and internationally to donate generously towards the maintenance of the House of Allah.
Spending in the cause of Allah will never decrease your wealth; on the contrary it will definitely increase your reward in the Hereafter In-Shaa Allah. We are looking forward to receiving your generous contributions to this noble cause.
Jazaa kamul-laahu khair!

The various methods of making your donations are outlined below:

Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of Almighty Allah, we are pleased to announce that the Masjid Extension & Renovation Project is now complete. We would like to sincerely thank brothers and sisters who have contributed generously and work diligently in building Essex Islamic Academy, may Allah swt accept all our efforts

What is the Zakat Percentage? Your Zakat donation should amount to 2.5% of your total wealth accumulated over the year. As an example, if your total assets (after any debts owed) amounted to £10,000, then you would be required to pay £250 as Zakat.

What Is Sadaqah? In Islamic terminology, the word Sadaqah means to voluntarily give charity out of the goodness of one’s heart. This is not an Islamic obligation, but rather a practice conducted to help those in need or the deprived. This act goes to show the strength of the believer’s faith and increases it further.


Bank Details

Please donate generously to:

Natwest Bank
Account no: 52660230
Sort Code: 60-01-37

Barclays Bank
Account: 50657069
Sort Code: 20-25-19

Cheque Payment

Payable to:
Essex Islamic Academy

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